Standard 1

Standard 1
Scientific and Theoretical
Element 1.5: Analyze and correct critical elements of motor skills and performance concepts.

Date: Fall 2011


This is artifact is from a field experience lab in which the students’ leaping, horizontal jumping, and sliding skills were assessed using the TGMD-2 assessment.  Reflections on teaching strategies, observation of the students’ performance, and class management specific to this field experience date are included.

Two students were randomly assessed.  Based on the results Student 1 had the some difficulty with all three skills of horizontal jump, leap and slide.   Therefore, that student should participate in activities that help develop these skills.  In addition as a teacher, we need to spend more time with this specific student with special attention towards them.  Student 2 struggled with the leap, so that student should participate in activities that require moving and alternating between the left and right foot when leaping.

It is important for all students to be assessed because it shows the teacher what they need to base their lessons on.  Assessments may also serve to reveal a disability in a student.  If the teacher notices a discrepancy they can further assess the student and recommend any necessary physical education services the student may need.